Mercedes Benz Bus (Relative Pic source: Bus&Coach Buyer)

People of Assam can now experience the high-end luxury of Mercedes Benz as they will move across the state thanks to a breakthrough decision put forward by state transport minister.

Addressing at the 31st Tri-Annual Conference of the ASTC Workers’ Association in Pandu, Guwahati, Chandra Mohan Patowary the Assam Transport Minister, revealed that a total of 15 new Mercedes Benz busses will run in the state to connect long distance.

Mercedes Benz Bus(Relative)

“Fifteen new Mercedes Benz busses will ply in the State, covering long distances. This will be a pilot project,” Patowary said.

Such luxurious busses are currently running in many Indian states like Karnataka, Maharashtra, Tamil Nadu, Andhra Pradesh etc.

Cost of a Mercedes Benz bus is worth over Rs. 90 Lakh. Certainly, ASTC is limping for high investment. What is important to see the ROI in the matter.

Further the minister said that ASTC took several reform measures recently to provide better services and increase its annual revenue.

In the conference, ASTC Chairman Ashutosh Agnihotri, MD AP Tiwari as well as the president and the general secretary of the organisation were also present.


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