Assam has always been praised by people all over the world for its rich cultural heritage and traditions but little do they know about the authentic food of this Queen of Northeast India.

So today we bring to you the 8 of the best authentic dishes from Assam which will definitely leave you drooling from your mouth.

Koldil Bhaji (Banana Flower with Fried Potatoes)

Koldil Bhaji
Koldil Bhaji (Image: Desi Fiesta)

Koldil which is an Assamese name for banana flower is one of the favourite dishes among Assamese people. This authentic Assamese cuisine made from dried banana flower will surely blow your mind and leave you wanting more of it.

2. Rongalao Aag Bhaji (Fried Pumpkin Flower)


Made from pumpkin flower, this side dish is very easy to make and tastes wonderful. When eaten with plain rice and dal, the fried pumpkin flower adds its charisma to the food.

3. Amitar Khar (Papaya Khar)

Image: Desi Fiesta
Image: Desi Fiesta

This authentic Assamese dish was recently presented to Pope by Chef Vikash Khanna . Hope this much will be enough to let you know how delicious this dish tastes.

4. Alu-Koni Pitika (Mashed Potatoes and Eggs)

Pic Credit: Debashree
Pic Credit: Debashree

This simple yet yummy mix of potatoes and eggs with a mix of different herbs in it will definitely leave you wondering how a simple and easy to make dish can taste out of this world.

5. Rongalao Aru Haanhor Manxor Jhol (Duck Curry with Pumpkin)

Image: Michael Babcock
Image: Michael Babcock

Axomiya’s love their meat, and when it comes to duck meat they just go crazy. No festivals are complete in Assam if there is no duck meat. Prepared with various local herbs and spices this one dish is a must try for everyone.

6. Baanh Gajor Logot Gahori Manxo (Pork with Bamboo Shoot)


Well what more can be said about this dish. Bamboo shoot and pork in Assam is loved by everyone. The combination of two ingredients just makes the dish taste heavenly. The juiciness of pork with a little bit of sourness from bamboo shoot will create a blast of flavours in your mouth.

7. Bilahi Boror Tenga (Sour curry with dal Pakoda)

Image: Desi Fiesta
Image: Desi Fiesta

This a very simple and common yet delicious curry from Assam. The dal pakodas when added to the curry makes it so much more delicious. A must try for everyone who are planning to visit Assam.

8. Baremehali Xaak Bhaji (Mixed herbs Fry)

Image: Desi Fiesta
Image: Desi Fiesta

Assamese people loving eating green veggies. Mixed herbs with a little bit of chana dal, this Baramehali Xaak Bhaji is very good for your health and skin too.

These dishes are bound to provide foodgasm to even the most demanding food lovers on this planet. So the next time you plan a visit to Assam, make sure you try out all these delicious dishes to get a taste of the real flavours of Assam.


  1. Thnx for sharing 8 Authentic Assamese Dishes. ….but can you please share the recipe too. Waiting eagerly.


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