Whole of Assam has been shocked with the news of 8 new-born babies dying within 24 hours at Fakhruddin Ali Ahmed Medical College in Barpeta, Assam.

Health Minister of Assam Himanta Biswa Sarma reacted to the incident by stating that the babies were in fact sick and died natural deaths owing to the critical nature of the deaths. He even provided a report of the five deaths claiming that the babies had several ailments including being under weight.

The tragic incident has led to a tense situation in and around the medical college and public have blamed the hospital authorities for negligence.

Sarma said, “They were in sick new born care unit and proper medical proper attention were given. It is solely the critical nature of the cases that led to death. Two mothers are below 20 years of age. Barpeta medical is witnessing less Infant mortality this year comparative to previous years.”

“In child care part, we have stable no of doctors and in fact just before 2 months we have opened sick new born care unit and augmented man power. No doctor from paediatrics department has resigned to best of my knowledge. In fact, IMR is going down there in last 2month. These mortalities are related to purely critical nature of the case like age of the mother, weight of the baby etc which there in the chart.”

Five of the babies have been identified to be born to Hasina Khatun, Rubiya Khatun, Safatun Begum, Jaygan Begum and Zubeida Khatun. The life-span of the new-borns were between 2 days to 8 days.

Speaking on the matter, Bobjit Goswami, the superintendent of the medical college told that none of the babies have died due to wrong treatment or failure in any medical help. All the babies have died due to natural reasons, he added


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