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Voice of Greater Assam(VOGA) offers a lucrative platform for the advertisers to reach the length and breadth of the state via internet. Catering to all the age groups, VOGA drives in massive visitors into its ambit with its widespreadfascinating content- News/Articles/Stories etc. Our audiences are inquisitive, learned and want to share what they’ve read.

When your brand will be in front of our viewers, we ensure it’s well received and provoke thoughts. You get them in an upbeat mindset, plus drive them to take positive action because that’s exactly why they’ve come to VOGA. Owing to its immaculate digital marketing team plenty of customers & brands have put on its trust on VOGA and have greatly benefited!

Why Us?

  • With lakhs of visitors pouring in on our website every month, we provide you with a huge base for potential customers for your brand or business.
  • With our social media reach well over 15 lakhs per month, we ensure your brand or business reaches out to each and every potential customer you intend to target.
  • Top class content being published on our website and social media accounts everyday managed by employees trained with the best in the industry.
  • No.1 Digital Brand in Assam (Winner of “Best Digital Media Startup of the Year 2017 in Assam” awarded by All Assam Entrepreneurs Association)
  • Internationally trained technical & online marketing team.

Types of ads

  1. Website Advertisement Banners
  2. Sponsored Social Media Posts or Advertisement Banners
  3. Content Ad:

Editorial Sponsorship: Editorial sponsorship contents are funded by advertiser, but the advertiser doesn’t influence the content itself. The content is shaped, written and edited by VOGA journalists to the same standards as all editorial content.

Branded Content: Branded Content is content is funded and created in collaboration with an advertiser. Our team closely work with our advertisers to help tell their brand story through our VOGA platform and in a way that it will be compelling to our audience. This content is produced by VOGA’s branded content department and does not involve its newsroom.

Advertiser’s Proprietary: Advertiser’s proprietary contents are given by the advertisers themselves and VOGA does not put any insights into it except minor edits (Plagiarism check/Grammatical corrections/Spell check) before publishing on the website.

Our Clients

and many more….

Gripping news content, trusted multi-platform network and loyal audience of VOGA can give advertisers a brilliant opportunity to connect to unique audiences of the state which otherwise is unreachable.

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