Priyanka Chopra who recently made a shocking remark against the state of Sikkim during an interview with ET Canada stating that “Sikkim is troubled with insurgency” has allegedly tendered an apology to the Minister of Tourism & Civil Aviation of Sikkim, Ugen T. Gyatso stating that her comments were misconstructed.

After Voice of Greater Assam broke the news, the story was picked up by all the major national media including The Hindustan Times, ABP Live, Huffington Post, inUth, The Quint, The Indian Express and many more. The news spread like a wildfire and netizens started criticising the actress for her poor knowledge.

Even the Minister of Tourism & Civil Aviation Mr. Ugen T. Gyatso criticised the actress’s remarks and said that Sikkim has always been a peace loving state and further clarified that her movie ‘Pahuna’ was not the first film to be shot in Sikkim.

After receiving much backlash from the people the actress has allegedly written an apology letter to the Minister stating that her comments were misconstrued.

Below is the apology letter allegedly written by Priyanka Chopra:

According to Hindustan Times, they tried reaching out to Priyanka’s publicist but she could not confirm if the apology letter was indeed written by Priyanka Chopra.