Bihu Dance on tail of Air India Plane VT-AXU (Pic source Bharat Poddar)

Air India Express is one of the rarest regalia in the airline industry across the world. Each Boeing of this airline 737-800 has a diverse tail art with each side of the tail dazzling with an aspect of India.

What is even special is that Assam’s popular folk dance ‘Rongali Bihu’ embraces the clouds as Air India zooms through the sky.

Pic Source: Jet photos

What is the story behind this??

The tail art feature differently on each tail of Air India flights VT-AXU and VT-AXV.

VT-AXU features two dances. The Bihu a folk dance from Assam, the north-east Indian state and Garba from the western state of Gujarat.

AXU-Garba Dance on left and & Bihu Dance on the right(Pic Source: Bangalore Aviation)

As the flight touches the sky, with Bihu dance featuring on its tail, an Assamese can also feel their pride soaring in the sky.

AXV-Konarak Temple on the left & Victoria Memorial on the right (Pic Source: Bangalore Aviation)

While VT-AXV features the Victoria Memorial in Kolkata and Sun Temple of Konark, in South India.


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