Samantha Gash (second from right) with the children in Guwahati on Thursday. Picture by Avishek Sengupta/ Telegraph

Samantha Gash who is a popular Australian long-distance runner, is currently running cross-country marathon from Rajasthan to Shillong.

To everyone’s delight in the NE region Samantha Gash said that she feels children in Assam are much more healthier than their counterparts in other parts of India are.

Gash, who is only a stop away from her destination- Mawsynram, she spent the whole day in Uzan Bazar and Hatigaon conversing with underprivileged children.

This lawyer-turned-marathoner as well as child rights activist, is running across the country to raise funds for underprivileged children to give them education mentioned that Guwahati gave a better view of the children.

“The children here are much healthier than in the rest of the country where I have travelled. Of course it is just a snapshot of the bigger picture probably, but it looked better. In other parts of the country, the children had to live in congested places. Here the density is much lesser,” Gash told the daily newspaper The Telegraph.

She started her journey from Jaisalmer on 22 August 22 braving to cover closely 3,800km in two-and-a-half months. Her mission is to raise awareness and funds for supporting 6 World Vision Area projects that focuses on education.

On Thursday morning Gash reached Guwahati, on the 74th day of her run. Today she is on her way to Shillong and after a halt, she will run to Mawsynram to end her journey.

She said, “This is one of the toughest runs I have been on. It is very diverse and the climate is so extreme. But that is why I chose India. I have avoided going on roads and taken unthread paths to have a feel of the country.”

On the Northeast, Gash said, “This region (North-East) is different from the rest of the world. The people here are more curious. They have been asking me why I am running and even donated for my cause,” she said.

Gash said, when asked about her inspiration, “I had been in India in 2011 to run a race in Leh-Ladakh and that changed my outlook. The children I saw besides the road were going through so much of hardships. Compared to their hardship, mine is nothing. So, I took up this challenge to help them.”

World Vision has got around 33 centres in Guwahati itself.  Through which around 5,000 children are getting benefited.


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