Suhani laskar (Image: Facebook)

A famous model from Assam, Suhaani Laskar has been boycotted by Fashion People United after receiving complaints of cyber bullying from other models against Suhaani.

The Fashion People United posted an update on social media on Tuesday:

“It’s been decided in the Fashion People United meeting to boycott Suhaani Laskar from our Fashion Industry from today onwards for her demeaning comments to the seniors like Stuti Choudhury, Meenu Paul, Kamal Dey, Bhaskar Saikia and Rajkanya Baruah. No model coordinators will hire her for any more shows, no make up artist will work on her, no photographers will take her for any shoot. In short we are shutting the door for her. We expect and ensure respect to all of our industry.”

Suhani (Image: Facebook)

Stuti Choudhury, one of the victims of Suhaani’s misconduct said, “I had accepted her friend request sometime back as she is also a model. The drama began when I asked her a simple question on something she had written on Facebook about a leading actress, I had simply pointed out a grammatical error. But she blocked me and started writing all sorts of things about me, calling me names like ‘sexually frustrated lass,’ mentioning my name in a series of insulting posts on Facebook. Mutual friends sent me screenshots asking what had happened. I was shocked and forwarded it to friends from the industry who were equally aghast.”

Another model, Rajkanya Baruah, shared a similar story, “She had slut shamed and body shamed me on Social Media, and also called me derogatory names which was really hurtful and unfortunate. People may have personal issues with somebody, but taking to Facebook or other such platforms to publicly humiliate someone is not acceptable. That’s why the Fashion Fraternity has decided to boycott her.”

But Suhaani, upon interrogating said, she is “in hibernation now due to the paparazzi regarding her.” She clarified that Stuti had first insulted her on Facebook, and now people are asking her to ask for forgiveness from Stuti. “I am not going to say sorry. She has insulted me, written very derogatory things about me on Facebook, why will I say sorry?” She also says she can prove her innocence by showing the screenshots.

Suhaani Laskar is also an employee of Irrigation Department, Government of Assam.


  1. I know her very well, she is such an arrogant piece of ###. And one more information I would like to share. She lied about her age she is 33 years and a divorcee too.


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