Victim reveals to the media

In a shocking incident, a TET teacher in Lahorighat, Morigaon has alleged that her headmaster, Nurul Islam along with the assistant teacher A Ali forced her to eat beef. Not just that they mentally harassed her and threatened to rape and dump her on the road.

The incident has come out on media after the lady teacher wrote a letter and tried reaching Education Minister Himanta Biswa Sarma.

Ujoni Das (name changed) also alleged that the assistant teacher proposed her several times to get married to him even though he was married and had a child studying in 9th standard. She was dropped to school by Ali in the early days (Few times) as her home was quite away. In the process, he asked her to marry him and, knowing that she was a Hindu, he yet he forced her to eat beef.

“When I declined to eat the beef, Ali told me that many non-Muslims too eat beef and it was ok if I ate it. We had a quarrel concerning the issue and later things got heated up,” she said.

The victim further added that after complaining to the headmaster (who was Ali’s elder brother) both assistant teacher as well as the head master started harassing her mentally. They tried to pull her clothing and used slang against her- she revealed.

The whole incident has brought to light another instance what the women folk in the state is undergoing through.

Why the whole administration is so soft on these sections of people in the state is a big mystery?


  1. Please all Hindu people raise Your this the time take action against this kind of harassment with our people. Please step up and make our Hinduism safe.

  2. Its not all hindus to raise voice but all, hindu, muslim, christian, sikh… All of you have to raise voice then only incidents like these won’t happen to any lady in Assam no matter whether she is Christian Muslim Sikh or Hindu… If we try to see things seperating our religion the crime is concerning all of us…


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