Bus that runs on Cow Dung Bio-gas

Disruptive as it can be and clean yet inexpensive transportation one can get is already rolling on the streets of Kolkata.

Phoenix India Research and Development Group has launched the service of running cheapest bus in India that is fuelled by cow dung biogas in West Bengal’s capital city Kolkata.

Bus that runs on Cow Dung developed by Phoenix India Research and Development Group (Pic Source: HT)

At just Re. 1 you can take a ride in the bus for 17kms. This bus service will be country’s very first biogas bus.

The 54-seater bus offers a mileage of 6 km for 1 kg biogas that costs about Rs 20.

The tank is of 80 kg capacity enabling the vehicle to run 480 km on a full tank.

A nominal fare of Re 1 is charged from each passenger irrespective of the distance covered.

“We are producing biogas principally from cow dung in our plant in Birbhum district. The fuel is transported to Kolkata in tankers,” said Jyoti Prakash Das, chairman and managing director of Phoenix India Research and Development Group.

Biogas is produced from animal and plant waste. This gas principally consists of methane. It is non-toxic, colourless and flammable gas used as fuel for vehicles, cooking and generating electricity.

It is a sign of advancement in Indian science and technology.


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