Surplus Hilsa fishes thrown away by fishermen

A shocking incident has surfaced in the Dhubri district wherein fishermen are throwing away the surplus Hilsa fishes.

Surplus Hilsa fishes thrown away

Known for its taste, these fishes are the favourites among the fish lovers from Assam as well as West Bengal. Hilsa fish is priced at premium rates, i.e; Rs. 750 to Rs. 1350 per Kg according to availability and demand.

Owing to nature’s grace there are too many Hilsa available in the Brahmaputra river which are being caught and sold in the local markets of the district in plenty, lowering the price to Rs. 150 to Rs. 300 per kg.

Surplus Hilsa fishes thrown away by fishermen

To do away with their losses fishermen are throwing the fishes. The point here lies, if they can’t sell, instead of throwing why wouldn’t they distribute them to the people in need?

It is a sorry affair and cannot be avoided by authorities as nature needs to be preserved and cannot be played around just for human greed.


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