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In a shocking incident in Japan a father killed his 12-year-old son by stabbing after complaining that the boy was not studying for a school entrance exam.

Kengo Satake, the boy’s father, told the police that he “quarrelled with his son for not studying” beforehand a test. The test was for private junior high school entrance exam, the public broadcaster NHK reported.

Just like in India, getting entrance into best college, the competition for getting admission to the best schools in Japan is equally intense. Also getting admitted into a prestigious school is seen as decisive impact on a child’s bright future.

Ryota, the victim, was moved to hospital on Sunday immediately after the stabbing. But with profuse loss of blood he died.

“The father pierced his son in his chest with a kitchen knife,” a police spokesperson told.

The father was immediately arrested by police when they got a call from hospital’s staff.

On his defence the father reportedly told the police that he had stabbed his son “by mistake”.

The victim’s mother was at her work place when the entire incident occurred, as reported by the Asahi Shimbun.


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