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The young generation of the state owing to their love to music have are reaching great heights.

Recently a group of young boys from Assam moulded a musical band namely the SEASONS with a clear mission – “To create a band India had been wanting to listen to.”

Members of Seasons- the Band

The band comprises of:

  • Dhritiman Goswami (Aladeen) – Vocalist
  • Arrow7 – Lead Guitarists
  • Abhishek Mehra- Bass Guitarist
  • Fardeen Kaki- Drummer

 The Seasons released their first music video on Friday night (yesterday) with association with Deep Ocean and Pehchan Music, and amazingly it already received 18K+ views in YouTube.

Here is the Music Video:

From the soulful song to the elegant cinematography, this package is no less than any top notch Bollywood music video.

The song is in Hindi as the band aimed at the national audience with this song.

Dhritiman (aka Aladeen), Arrow7 and Fardeen hail from Guwahati (Kamrup district) and Abhishek belongs from Noida.

As the band wish to create a proper base, “We would also create some amazing Assamese songs in the future, improving the Assamese music scenario is one of our primary goals”, said Dhritiman Goswami, the vocalist of the band, while talking to Voice of Greater Assam.

Their story:

Formed by Arrow7 and Dhritiman during their days at the Amity University hostel with a goal to bring a band to mainstream music and also contribute in the development of a Music Industry which is absent in India.

Although the band was formed in early 2016, it couldn’t last long as then members mostly belonged from Delhi NCR region.

They faced a lot of crisis, struggle for shows, band members leaving us.

This current line-up of Seasons was formed during late 2016.

Dhritiman and Arrow7 approached drummer Fardeen who also belongs from Guwahati and met bassist Abhishek Mehra at a jampad during a jam, where he was immediately interested in joining the band.

Creating a platform in an unknown city and starting from zero is a very tough job.

Around early 2017, Guitarist Arrow7 saw an online competition named ‘The Viral Voice season 1’ where they were providing the winner with a free music video.

This competition wasn’t easy as it consisted of some of the best singers from Delhi NCR and nearby region’s local music scene.

The vocalist Dhritiman (or Aladeen) managed to win this competition when they realised that they can now have a music video which was way out of our budget.

‘Kaise Kahun’ is a song written by vocalist Dhritiman and helped by his friend Anubhav in 2015, which got implemented only with the help of his bandmates.

The band members say: It is the love song that needs to be heard by a greater mass, because it has got the scope to be the love anthem of the year.

“Kaise kahun, ankhen teri kitni haseen hain,

Ruk sa gaya ye pal, jab bhi tu mere kareeb hain

Tanha hu main tere bina, tu he hain mere jeene ki ek wajah”

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