A scene from the film (Noise Life I)

The British Film Institute will feature a film, directed by two filmmaker of NE India, at the 61st London Film Festival this year. The festival opened on 6th Oct.

The institute, established by the British Royal Charter in 1933, is the lead establishment for cinema in the United Kingdom.

Noise Life I is an art film by Sonal Jain and Mriganka Madhukaillya. While Jain is from Shillong, Madhukaillya hails from neighbouring Guwahati. They have been working together since 2004 as a team which is known to the global art world as Desire Machine Collective.

Sonal described Noise Life I as “a film with sound”.

“It is an exploration of schizophrenia and the colonisation of human sensibility by noise in a post-industrial sonic environment. The objective of film was to sketch out a history of the different ways in which we develop knowledge about ourselves: economics, biology, psychiatry, medicine and penology. It seeks to analyse these so-called sciences as very specific truth games related to specific techniques that we use to understand ourselves,” she said.

The director duo are also well known for their short film, Residue, which was part of the major show Being Singular Plural: Moving Images of India show at the Solomon Guggenheim Museum, New York, and the Deutsch Guggenheim Museum.

Jain has garnered accolades around the globe for her work that has been featured at prestigious museums like New Museum of Contemporary Art, MAXXI, Rome, New York; the Venice Biennale; La Triennale, Palais de Tokyo, Paris; the Tate Modern London and the Centre Pompidou Paris.

The statement said Jain is now one of the very few Indians making a foray into cinema of the kind made famous by auteurs like Ingmar Bergman and Wong Kar Wai.


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