Hilsa Fish (left) Hilsa fish curry (right)

Bangladeshis across the world would be very proud as one of their delicacies, Hilsa fish (Ilish in Bengali), has been conferred geographical identification (GI), which has tagged this fish as a Bangladeshi product.

Hilsa fish became second item to get the GI tag after the Zamdani Sari, revealed a patent official.

A GI is a sign that is used on products which have specific geographical origin and possess qualities or a repute that are due to that origin.

Hilsa Fish

Sanwar Hossain, the registrar of the patent design and trademark department (PDTD), told that a certificate of registration will be handed over to the fisheries department by in a weeks’ time.

The GI trails an application by the fisheries department in 2016 for registering the Hilsa as a Bangladeshi product.

After handing out the application, a gazette notification was issued on June 1 in the International Journal of Patents, stating that an item becomes the applicant’s property as a GI product if no one from home and abroad sends any objection.

Hilsa, also known as the “Queen of fishes” and is known for its unique aroma, constitutes 12% of the overall fish catch in Bangladesh.

Bangladesh provides about 70% of the Hilsa to the market. This makes it the largest producer of the Hilsa fish, followed by 15% by India and 10% by Myanmar, while the rest comes from the Arabian Gulf and other countries.

Sanwar Hossain also noted that Bangladesh’s claim on the Hilsa as a GI item would defend its right on the fish globally.


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