Lungwa village (Image source History Channel)

Looking at the situation at LOC or Indo-Bangladesh border or Mac-Mohan Line (Indo-China boarder) very few in India can imagine the harmonious co-existence India shares with its other neighbours where one works at Indian side and sleeps at other side of the country.

Luwanga village, Nagaland (Image source- Tripto)
Luwanga village, Nagaland (Image source- Tripto)

Based in Nagaland – the ‘Lungwa’ village that we are talking about, sits atop a hill and is placed at Indo-Myanmar international border. The village is half set-in Myanmar and half in India.

Even though border pillar atop the Lungwa range are set since 1970-71, the Konyak tribes (living in the village) visit Pangmei, a border town in Myanmar for business everyday.

The Konyak peoples’ sense of belonging to both these countries is so rigid that they are equally friendly with the Assam Rifles guarding the boarder and the Myanmar army.

Myanmarese teachers at the Lungwa school. Credit: Rajeev Bhattacharya
Myanmarese teachers at the Lungwa school. Credit: Rajeev Bhattacharya

There are several instances where kids from Lungwa cross over to Myanmar to get education there. Also, teachers from Myanmar reach the schools of Lungwa to teach students here.

This documentary by History Channel speaks volume.

Though Lungwa is not the only village that lies between India and Myanmar but many such similar sights can be observed in Manipur, Mizrom etc.

Nevertheless, it is delightful to see the peaceful livelihood among peers of two countries.


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