A brave history that all of Assam keeps proudly in its heart- ‘Martyrdom of Kanaklata Barua’ will soon be bestowed a heritage site.

With seven decades gone by since independence of India in 1947, finally in 2017 BJP-led Assam government has decided to preserve the Assam-type old Gohpur Police station house as a heritage site.

As per sources, the state government is in view of converting this site into a museum.

Gohpur Police Station (Image source UB Photo/ Telegraph)
Gohpur Police Station (Image source UB Photo/ Telegraph)

Currently old house serves as the official residence of Gohpur sub-divisional police officials in Biswanath district of Assam.

This old Gohpur police station once under the British rule saw freedom fighter Kanaklata Barua shot dead and embracing martyrdom in police firing at the age of 17 in 1942 while trying to unfurl the national flag during the Quit India Movement.

Indeed a great initiative to help the flame of a strong, young and bold freedom fighter stay alive in times to come.


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