Fed up with the deplorable condition of roads in Nagaon, local women of Nagaon’s Setali Village adopted a unique way to express how they feel about the present condition of the road. They planted paddy saplings and started fishing on the slushy road. They said this is the current condition of the road so what better than to plant paddy saplings in the roads which is filled with water.

They expressed that they are not at all happy with the situation and demanded immediate solution. They added that the road is one of the very important roads in Nagaon as it connects Batadrava, birthplace of Srimanta Sankardeva. They expressed their anger towards the local legislator Dimbeswar Das and said that the legislator has failed to do the needful and having no other options people are compelled to use the water filled road. Because of continuous heavy rains and water flooding the road has eroded badly forming large potholes which in turn has turned into a death trap for the people of the area as accidents happen on a regularly.

After one hour long protest, Circle officer of Raha along with Raha police  reached the spot and pacified the situation by assuring the people that the pot holes along the road will be filled within two days.