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Plight of Assamese pop songs has been debated valiantly for its low taste in the recent times. But its exposition in one of the national media Scroll.in, is an extraordinary unwanted achievement.

The article started with headline- Why is Assamese cringe pop obsessed with policing women’s bodies?

Followed by – In all the music videos, the men are depicted as rural sons of the soil, whereas the women are portrayed as wild, urban and in need of saving.

It states that Assamese cringe pop songs imitate a form that involves policing the clothes and bodies of women.

The genre’s popularity, as mentioned by Scroll.in, indicates a wave of sexual subjugation, where women attires in scanty Western clothes are displayed in the video for public titillation, so they can eventually be compared unfavourably with women clad in traditional attire. (Sighting the song- Disco Bhonti)

The article then adds that, words in these songs brings in misogynist worldview, that’s not only poorly manufactured, but are actually dangerous.

Interestingly it also made a strong argument pointing out how people of Assam who hates Assamese singers singing Hindi songs but don’t mind offensive lyrics in Bihu.

script: Scroll.in

It additionally contrasts the older generation which believed in veiling anything related to sex with heavy poetry and symbolism, and distanced itself from sexual violence. But the younger generation picks to remove the veiled silence surrounding sexuality by using vulgar expressions.

Further the content piece criticised the Bihu Raps which the young generation is brimming in. It says that Rap in Assamese lacks context and as Bihu (as a choice of language) merely becomes a convenient tool to attract people familiar with the folk form. Unfortunately borrowing the Afro-American aesthetic of over-the-top make-up, a swagger hat, neon goggles, abundant auto-tunes and a few disco lights doesn’t make rap music. Instead, it creates a sub-genre to cringe pop – cringe rap.

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