Sikandar Bin Ilyas: The sultan who turned east: A small snapshot of the history of East

Shamsuddin ilyas
Shamsuddin ilyas

It has been a puzzling fact about sultans of Bengal and their conquests their relationship with Assam and wars between the two kingdoms, the Bengal sultanate and Ahoms.

It was as early as 1357-1358 that Assam was the centre point of the sultans.

The early invasion was done by sultan Shamsuddin ilyas. Some say according to numismatics evidences it was his son Sikandar bin ilyas who actually looked eastward. The numismatics evidences point to Arsah kamru or chawalisthan. His power was actually confined to north of Mymensingh which was the part of Kamrupa (Assam)

It was Barbak shah who led the full-fledged campaign  in Kamrupa led by commander Shah ismail Ghazi but suffered heavy loss in the area including Dinajpore area.

Specimen of Sultan Sikandar bin iliyas

Specimen belonging to the era of sultan Sikandar bin ilyas mintname designated as Arsah Satgaon. The administrative towns were called Arsah.

Specimen with Barbak name on it

Arsah Kamruh was the area bordering  the present day Assam. Picture above bears the name of barbak shah sultan with no mint name probably minted in lesser know area of Assam?

Researched and compiled by :

Priyak Chakraborty
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