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After Rajasthan date palm wine, Assam to launch another kind of wine. A team of five Tocklai Tea Research Institute scientists has been developed wine from tea in Assam by unveiling their product.

The scientists working in the department of Mycology and Micro-Biology of the tea research institute developed three varieties of tea wine – Orthodox wine, CTC wine and Green tea wine, said Tocklai Tea Research Institute Director Dr Anup Kumar Baruah at the launch.

Tea wine from the 3 varieties of tea as of now is in the pipeline to go commercial, Baruah said.

The scientist, Dr Prasanta Dutta, who led the team, said work was in process since 2015 end, till a week ago and it was officially launched for the public on Thursday during Tocklai Tea Research Association (TRA) annual general meeting.

He mentioned it is a residue-free wine prepared from organic, pesticide-free green tea.

Illuminating the benefits of drinking tea wine, Dutta claimed Polyphenols presents in tea wine help to prevent

  • cardiovascular diseases,
  • controls sugar,
  • fights off cold,
  • prevents dementia and
  • some cancers.


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