Rohingya Muslims of Myanmar have moulded a militant outfit named Aqa Mul Mujahideen

The Government of India has spoken its concerns about the possible influx of Rohingya Muslims into the country in form of militant outfit. The ministry revealed that the Rohingya Muslims community was reportedly trained by minimum of two Pakistan-based terrorist outfits and the BSF have been directed to stay alert to avert any such possible influx.

Highly placed security sources told the news daily ‘The Assam Tribune’ that as per intelligence inputs, a group of Rohingya Muslims of Myanmar have moulded a militant outfit named Aqa Mul Mujahideen and these members in the outfit are trained by terrorists belonging to Pakistan-based outfits including Laskar-e-Toiba (LeT) and Jaish-e-Mohammad (JeM).

The Government of India is worried that if Rohingya Muslims penetrated into India, the likelihood of Pakistan-based terrorist outfits dealing to get base in the country cannot be ruled out, sources pointed out.

The newly shaped militant outfit had thrown a series of attacks in police stations and Army posts in Myanmar in August, which resulted in a major repercussion in that country, compelling the Rohingya Muslim to escape from that country and there is every leeway that some of them may try to sneak into India.

As per reports two lakh Rohingya Muslims have entered Bangladesh already and the Government of Bangladesh is not being able to cope with the circumstances. Though the Government of India has made its stand clear that it would not be probable for India to provide shelter to the Rohingya Muslims who escape from Myanmar, the Centre is sending aids to Bangladesh to provide relief to those who were enforced to escape from Myanmar.

Around 40,000 Rohingya Muslims in India as per sources and most of them have settled in places like Hyderabad, Mewat near Delhi, Rajasthan, Jammu area and Kanpur. Several entered India through North Bengal area.

Even though the New Delhi-based UN Commission for Refugees has distributed identity cards to some such people, the Government of India is yet to give acknowledgement to such identity cards and they are not treated as refugees.

As of now, there is no settlement of Rohingya Muslims in any North-East states but more than 30 such persons are arrested in Assam so far and are kept in detention camps.

Captivatingly, though the Government of Myanmar has offered recognition to around 130 tribes as citizens of that country, the Rohingya Muslims aren’t been given such recognition.

On the conceivable exodus of Rohingya Muslims to India, sources mentioned that though the Assam Rifles, that is entrusted with the obligation of guarding the India-Myanmar border, is kept on alert, it will be difficult for the Rohingya Muslims to snitch into India through that border, at least in large numbers as they would have to travel a long distance to reach that border from their location in Myanmar.

It is easier for them to sneak into Bangladesh and which is why, in recent times, there has been large scale exodus from Myanmar to Bangladesh. Though, the international border in Tripura is one of the most vulnerable locations through which they can try to sneak into India, while, the border in North Bengal is always vulnerable to such infiltration.


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