Caves discovered in Morigaon

Assam is blessed with myriad archaeological sites of great importance. Very often such ruins are discovered in the state.

A cave which dates back to the ‘Old Stone age’ is discovered in Bogora Hills, located in Morigaon district of Assam.

The large cave formed by “Saptakar Kanya Konda Rocks” (local name), is a can pull any tourist chiefly for the stories associated with it.

Many sculptures by powerful Kings like, Pratap Singha and Mayamatta are still found available inside the cave.

Natives in the region believe that the historical “Saptakar Bow” from the Old Stone Age is still situated somewhere in the cave.

Several items like Bed and Pillow made of stone, burners of stone are found which was used previously for cooking by Bhima and afterwards used by the King Bhalukapong-Xukkaranko-Mayamotto-Ramchandra (all four names are of one King) who came from Darrang and conquered this Cave and set up his Kingdom there.

This cave has got 4 tunnels and all these four are supposed to meet at one place where these items are sited.

This historical place is known to locals since ages but sadly no any importance by Archaelogical Department of India is laid on it, nor developed as a tourist spot by Assam Tourism dept.

The cave is lying inside dense jungles in a ramshackle state, unreachable and unknown to tourists across the globe.


  1. What is the exam location of the site?
    Why Is this information not transmitted to the government or the archaeology department yet or has it been?


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