Sanghamitra Kalita, an Assamese Joins CNN Digital as Vice President (Pic source: CNN)

This doesn’t get bigger than this!

Sanghamitra Kalita, an Assamese by birth, has taken the vice president(VP) for programming for CNN Digital. Kalita now will lead CNN Digital’s efforts to creatively publicize its journalism and storytelling across multiple platforms. She too will manage the News & Alerting, Special Projects, and Mobile & Off-Platform teams.

S. Kalita (Pic source: LA Times)
Sanghamitra Kalita (Pic source: LA Times)

She was formerly the managing editor for editorial strategy at the Los Angeles (LA) Times. During her time there, she enabled LA Times traffic jump 60 million unique multiplatform visitors monthly, via innovative storytelling and audience engagement. She connected the Times to new communities via events, new beats, translations and partnerships. This enterprising lady also served as the executive editor at large for Quartz, Atlantic Media’s global economy site, and was its founding ideas editor. She too oversaw the inaugurations of Quartz India and Quartz Africa.

Sanghamitra Kalita
Sanghamitra Kalita

Furthermore, Kalita worked at the Wall Street Journal (WSJ), where she focused on reporting of the Great Recession, launched a local news section for New York City. She enclosed on the housing crisis as a senior writer. She was also the founding editor of Mint, an Indian business paper in New Delhi, and previously worked for the Washington Post, Newsday and the Associated Press.

Aged 40, Kalita’s parents are Assamese and was born in Brooklyn, USA. She was however raised in Long Island, Puerto Rico and New Jersey, according to LA times. She attended Rutgers University, with a major in history and journalism and a minor in Spanish.

Kalita speaks seven languages and is the author of three books related to migration and globalization, including the highly acclaimed “Suburban Sahibs”. A former journalism professor at St. John’s, UMass-Amherst, and Columbia University, she also earlier served as president of the South Asian Journalists Association.



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