Once in a while you all must have had this painful and gruesome feeling of not being able to do your regular activities, pain and hard tummy because of Constipation.

I myself have been suffering from this problem since the last few years and have tried various medicine but nothing seemed to work for me, so at last I decided to try some home made remedies and it worked like magic for me.

So here are a list of things which you need to do if you are suffering from this problem and you will see the results for yourself.

1 . Add cumin seeds in your diet:


I know a lot of you might not like the strong smell and taste of this spice but it helps in digestion of food and is considered a great medicine if you are suffering from constipation.

2 . Avoid Drinking Milk:


Drinking milk is a big no no if you are suffering from constipation. While many of you think that its good but trust me, I use to drink a glass of milk everyday until my Mother in law came to my rescue. Instead of Milk you can have yoghurt it helps clean your stomach.

3 . Avoid eating hot food and hot beverages:


Eating hot food is not at all good for people who are facing this problem. Try to bring your food to room temperature than you can feast on it.

4 . Eat lentils soaked in water:


Mix dried white peas, Bengal gram and chickpeas soak it in water overnight and eat it the next day. To make it tasty you can add some chopped onion, green chilly, coriander leaf and a pinch of salt. These will help clean your stomach.

5 . Lemon Water: 


You can also try lemon water (cold) on an empty stomach (morning). The citric acid in lemon acts as an stimulant for your digestive system and also helps in flushing out toxins and undigested material.

Remember ‘happy tummy’ means ‘happy you’.


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