A popup message showing on a WannaCry infected computer

With the rapid spread of WannaCry ransomware throughout the world that has affected close to 150 countries has also taken India under its grip with reports of various computers getting infected with the ransomware with the latest being on Andra Pradesh Police.

Around 102 computers of Andhra Pradesh Police were affected with the ransomware. The widespread outbreak of the ransomware has alerted the banks as RBI issued a notification instructing all the banks to upgrade their ATMs with latest security patches to protect the ATMs from the ongoing global cyber attacks.

Around 60% ATMs in India or 2.25 lakh ATMs run outdated operating systems in them which makes the ATMs much more vulnerable to the WannaCry ransomware.

These cyber attacks have created a widespread panic among security experts throughout the world. The WannaCry ransomware takes control of a computer and encrypts all the files in the hard drive. A message then pops up saying that the user has to deposit $300 in 7 days in order to unlock the files. The payments have to be done at a virtual payment system called Bitcoin and if the victim doesn’t pay up within 7 days then all the files on the computer gets deleted.


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