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What is My Voice

Wishing all our Readers and well Wishers a very Happy and Prosperous New Year 2017!

On this New Year’s Eve, we would like to gift the people of Assam a platform where you can share your thoughts, concerns, your stories and be heard.

The platform is- “MY VOICE”

This is an online media for every individual of Assam where you can share:

  1. Your concerns.
  2. Any problem you faced somewhere.
  3. Any incident which inspired you.
  4. Anything that relates to the current scenario and which can help make Assam a better place for times to come.


Be it anything, no matter how trivial it is, let people hear your voice through our platform “MY VOICE”. You share with us and we will share it with the rest of the world so that people can come forward and help each other. Help each other to build a completely new Assam. Remember, one person’s voice may be suppressed but is it possible to suppress thousands and lakhs of us?

So start talking and start sharing. Raise your voice, ask questions or be the answer. What matters the most is that we start communicating with each other. All you have to do is to simply mail your story at myvoice@voiceofgreaterassam.com. Also, if there are certain concerns and you are not comfortable in revealing your name alongside the write-up, no worries. We will post your story as “Anonymous”!

For the first time ever in Assam, we are building an online stage, where you, as a citizen of Assam and India as well, can get your voice heard by the people. If you see anything wrong that needs to stop right away, experienced anything which has inspired you or been moved by someone’s selfless efforts, let the world know.

It is the time of digital revolution; let’s all join hands to create a bright future for all of us and our –‘Nijor pranot koyo prio’ Axom.



Disclaimer: Anti-national content, personal attacks and politically motivated subjects will not be entertained at any cost. The views and opinions expressed in My Voice are those of the author’s and do not necessarily reflect the policy or position of Voice of Greater Assam in any way whatsoever.