Nayantara Club Durga Idol

Like every year, Durga Puja is relished with utmost elation and devotion across the state.

Meanwhile Guwahati had something very special in store.

Lets behold them.

1. Athgaon

Athgaon Durga Puja awarded the Best Overall Puja

2. Santipur Sulice Gate

Santipur Sluice Gate Durga Puja wins the award for Best Pandal
Sluice Gate Durga idol

3. Nayantara Club

Nayantara Club Durga Puja wins the award for Best Lighting Puja Venue
Nayantara Club Durga Idol

4. Chatribari

Chatribari Sarbajonin Durga Puja

5. Pandu Cabin

Pandu Cabin Durga Idol

6. Gitanagar

Gitanagar Durga Puja

7. Ganeshguri

Ganesh Guri Durga Puja(Pic credit: Ashis Goel)

8. Pandu Rest Camp

Pandu Rest Camp Durga Puja (Pic credit: Neha Sharma)

9. Account Colony 

Account Colony Durga Puja(Pic credit: G Plus)

10. American Colony 

American Colony Durga Puja(Pic Credit: G Plus)

11. Maligaon

Maligaon Kalibari

12. Panbazar Railway Colony

50 feet tall Durga idol at Rabin Sangha, Panbazar Railway Colony (Pic Credit: Sudip Saha)

13. Bhairabtala 

Bhairabtala Sarbojaneen Durgotsav Samitee. Lokhra Road (Pic credit: Udit Deb)

14. Binapani Samitee

Binapani Samitee Sarbajonin Durga Puja



110 Feet tall Durga Idol

World largest Durga Idol of 110 feet, made by Bishnupur Sarbajanin Durga Puja Committee Guwahati was the main attraction of all. Its creator is Noor Uddin Ahmed. The re-creation of this Idol was in just 7 days.

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