Zubeen Garg

Zubeen Garg, the singer-cum-actor who has been surrounded by controversy lately took it to social media to express his views and how he did not mean to hurt anyone.

The Singer who was recently involved in a word turf with an Indian Army Officer at the airport posted a status on Facebook that the artist did not intend to hurt anyone’s feeling. He wrote that his comments have been taken in wrongful way and he in any way did not want to question the dignity of the Indian Army.

The Singer also added that whatever he said was entirely unintentional and nothing was meant seriously. He loves Indian Army and is proud of them. He further adds that he has always tried through his art to pay tribute to the great heroes of our country and never question their dignity.

Zubeen Garg further added that if in any way he has hurt the sentiments of the Indian Army he would like to apologized for that. He added that it was his hidden love and passion to be part of the Indian Army that he made the movie Mission China.

Below is the link to the post:

Have seen adverse reactions on my recent comments at the airport. Some people are arguing it to be a defamation of the…

Posted by Zubeen Garg on 13 सप्टेंबर 2017


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